Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Know About this Money-Saving Hack

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Shopping online gives you the freedom to buy whatever you want, whenever you want. But when Amazon, Walmart and Target all offer the same product at different prices, you may start to wonder where the best deals actually exist — and why so many sites only spit out invalid discount codes.

We can’t change how big box stores price their items, but we can help you make sure you’re getting the best available price on anything you order online. Just use the free Capital One Shopping browser extension

Start Unlocking Hidden Discounts with This Free Browser Extension

When you’re shopping online, wouldn’t it be nice to get an alert that stops you from overpaying?

That’s exactly what the free Capital One Shopping browser extension does. In just the last year, it saved shoppers over $950 million.

Add it to your browser, and before you check out, it’ll scan other websites, like Walmart, eBay and 30,000 others to find out if your item is available for cheaper. Plus, you can get coupon codes, set up price-drop alerts and even view the item’s price history.

Say you’re shopping for a new TV and think you found the best deal. That’s when you could get a popup from the Capital One Shopping extension letting you know that exact TV is available elsewhere for cheaper. Then when you checkout, any available coupon codes will automatically apply to your order.

Capital One Shopping even offers free price-drop protection, which means that in some cases, it can automatically request a refund for delayed shipping or post-purchase price drops.

Stop overpaying online and start saving effortlessly with this free, easy-to-use browser extension.

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